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Jacket art for Say Goodnight, Gracie by Michael J. Deas

Sax player, watercolor

egg tempera cat (2).jpg

Sun Cat, egg tempera

dolls new yorker.jfif

One of my first drawings for The New Yorker

apartment building drawing.jpg

This apartment building watercolor tells a bit of a story if you study the individual apartments.

Fred astaire Egg.jpg

Fred Astaire, egg tempera

mouse on shoe.jfif



This drawing was thousands of dots of colored India ink. This was a style used by illustrator Jim

Spanfeller.            I loved his work.

CBF65D7D-FC1F-4D01-852C-D2904AB9742C (2)

And now, in breaking cat news...


2021 Julie Reece Deaver

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